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Hi, I'm Amy Moser

Seasoned Coach, Divorcee, Parent, Runner


This is My Story


Moving from Chicago to London nearly 25 years ago, I was motivated for seismic change. London was bright and big, and I worked in professional services and the BBC.

Fast-forward over to a wedding, two kids, expat desert and an 8-year Italian divorce. After that, I felt like a trainee lawyer that kept losing in court. 

Between the court cases, friends had always whispered "Someday, you will give back." I finally found the gift when I combined my 10 years of coaching with Positive Intelligence and its post-Covid approach with an app.

I couldn't believe the difference PQ made for me. I was calmer, wiser, ready to step into a new life. I couldn't wait to give this to others.

Now I've found that my coaching is a new lease on life for burned out clients. Corporate clients, family lawyers, divorcees and parents have all emerged with new wellbeing intact. And I do the same work along with them. Every day. 

My education? I'm a life-long learner, find out more in my LinkedIn. (MSc-Northwestern; BA-DePauw.) 

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