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A fresh start on wellbeing.

After weathering an eight-year high conflict divorce, I took up the mantle of coach.

I now see my divorce as the lens that inspires me to make things better.

My gift is connecting with people in ways that wouldn't be possible without my first-hand experiences.

Stress and burnout comes from many sources. Coaching is a way to replace that stress with wellbeing.

My group coaching uses Positive Intelligence (PQ), a mental fitness programme with an app and Zoom sessions.

As one of the first certified PQ coaches, I coach large corporate PQ groups. Currently a digital publisher, a healthcare organisation and a global recruiter. If you're looking for lasting impact, PQ really does work.

I use concepts of Self-Worth in my individual coaching. I am certified by the Self-Worth Academy that takes its name from the book by John Niland. 

The Coach Foundation has identified Amy as one of the premier Personal Coaches in the industry.


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I am certified to lead Positive Intelligence (PQ), based on Shirzad Chamine's best-selling book

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Not only is Amy holding space beautifully for participants to share their experience with enough depth and vulnerability, even in a group setting, but she also brings the right amount of theory and personal insights, and facilitates participants discussion in a soft, kind but effective way,

Julie, France

Anita, Belgium

I have experienced Amy as a creative and resourceful coach, who gets to the bottom of your issue through excellent questioning. Her most outstanding quality, however, is her deep empathy and intuition to what is most needed in any given situation.

With Amy's Positive Intelligence course, I have picked up so many skills that I can use for life. I was actively utilising these skills throughout the course and even today when facing different challenges in both my personal and business life. My mindset has completely changed over a short period of time, and even my friends and family have noticed the change in me.

May Ling, United Kingdom

PQ for Parents - My Presentation Recordings

Co-Parenting and Saboteurs
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What is the Science behind PQ?

How do you go from listening to your Saboteurs (brain bullies) to using Sage (calm and creative) thinking? Find out here and see what you think!

Neuroscience and more
What is included?

PQ includes a 15-min-per-day app, a weekly Zoom meeting with me as your coach and a pod to keep you accountable. Right now, get 20% off!

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