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Case Studies - Corporate Coaching with PQ

PQ-Powered Teams

Following my corporate coaching in PQ's 7-week programme, I have worked with  three global clients on PQ-Powered Teams. I make each one fit with the client's needs. Some have wanted it to be more practical, some more theoretical - I am flexible and I listen. Click the image on right for more about PQ-Powered Teams.

Client 1: The Chief Information Officer's team of 80+ in a global firm. Bi-weekly sessions tailored to their needs, meeting beforehand to customise PQ-Powered Teams with their own examples.

Client 2: The directorate of a healthcare group in Ireland. Monthly sessions with the leadership team, coaching them to deliver PQ-Powered Teams with their own relevant examples and concepts. Lunch & Learns.

Client 3: A global leader in smart infrastructure, located in Switzerland. Worked with their leadership team to coach them on delivering each module. Held a monthly Q&A session.